Saturday, February 18, 2012

Welcome to Grand Scentral...My Outlet

Hello everybody. Sup? Welcome to Grand Scentral Cafe...I have begun constructing this blog to serve as my outlet for thoughts and such. I have always expressed my ideas on paper whenever possible. Having had an extensive past in writing (poems, essays, shorts, scripts, etc). Then I decided to destroy my life by going into medical school (jk)...Recently, in the past few months, however, while I preparing my application to various surgery training programs, I began writing personal statements, critiquing them, and slowly regained my confidence after years of writers block. It felt good. So, I've decided to rekindle the fire and start blogging my ideas.

One way I hope to do this is to review things that I absolutely love...fragrances! Man I am a fragrance junkie...I've always lurked around sites like and fragrantica...but I never really contributed any thoughts. Now that I feel my nose has been primed, I decided to start using my love for writing to describe something I am passionate about...smells.

Medical school is a tough road. Being that I am 3 weeks away from finding out where I will be spending the next five years training to be a surgeon (hopefully NYC) time has come to share my journey to others who will be on a similar paths. I am happy to answer questions and provide advice based on my own experiences in the game. It's hard out here for a pimp son and I hope I can make things a tad bit easier.

Hope y'all have a cozy ass time here. Peace.


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