Monday, April 30, 2012

Fragrance Review: Versace Blue Jeans

A sexy, masculine, powdery citrus fragrance with a touch of florals, Blue Jeans by Versace is a beautiful composition with the Italian designers DNA engrained all up in there. 
I love it!
This fragrance starts off with a powdery lemon/lime zest softly mingling with herbs and a very delicate woody base. It is not too sweet or cloying. Refreshing in the beginning and very unique!
If you could take lavender, rose, jasmine, and A LOT of sage, mix it with shaved zest from a bunch of freshly picked lemons and lime, and crumple some vanilla infused woods on top, and vaporize the concoction into a powder...then add some Johnson and Johnson baby powder to this mix, twist the cap, and sprinkle some all around you....Blue Jeans would be the result. This is extremely masculine and VERY Italian.
BJ doesn't get much action because......okay I just realized how that sounded.....allow me to rephrase...
Blue Jeans doesn't get much action in the fragrance community probably because of goes down in history as a "high school, teenie bopper" scent to many. It's on the same pedestal as Escada Magnetism, Curve by Liz Claiborne, and Acqua Di Gio......scents that used to roam the hallways of schools all across the country, providing wingman service to jocks and freckled boys in an effort to win their way into the hearts of cheerleaders and popular chicks to eventually lead to some BTB Soirees (BTB = Behind The Bleacher). Clearly, I wasn't the stud jock or the cute freckled kid.

Had Blue Jeans been a niche fragrance in this day, I think it would do extremely reviews galore would ensue. 

My only issues with this is projection. It sits EXTREMELY close to the skin and shirt. Normally fragrances that do poorly on the skin change their game entirely when laid down on clothes...not Blue Jeans. I just can't even seem to get whiffs of it myself, let alone anyone else. Any compliments from this are when I literally ask someone to bury their nose in my arms or chest (hmm..maybe this would have worked in high school)...then it's compliment after compliment.

Forever a part of staple regardless because it does wonders to my nose and brain cells...provides a refreshing, comfortable, uplifting experience. 

If you like powdery scents, refreshing scents that are still grounded by very soft, brittle woods, then this is no doubt, your shit! A must try for sure for any fragrance lover. This is an EXCELLENT transition fragrance to help one enter the world of scents. 

It is so good that I literally take a whiff of it from the cap almost everyday because it just has this unique, soft, floriental sillage, with sweet herbaceous undertones.  Get get enough of it!


If projection and sillage were not so poor, this would no doubt get an 8.5 from me.

Can't beat the price as well!!!