Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fragrance Review: L'eau D'Hiver by Jean Claude Ellena for Editions De Parfums Frederic Malle

This fragrance to me is art...not something I would wear as a signature or as part of my daily rotation. I wear this when I want to remind myself of how a scent can truly reflect the world and all its oddities. I wear this when I am in the mood to reflect.

With that said, for many this may not be such a great reference..but just try your best to picture it...because this fragrance took quite a while for me to fathom...when I finally did come to some conclusion, I realized the genius that is M. Ellena: 

In an unshaken snow globe, picture Central Park covered in snow.. In the center lies a patch of flowers..heliotrope and iris...untouched by snow...but brushed only by a gentle, cool, tranquil breeze. The light winds capture the floral essence and carry it with them. Drizzle honey around the patch. Vaporize a handful of almonds and unleash this air into this kingdom of serenity. Shake the globe, as best you can and watch all the notes fall onto this patch.

The genius here is how the notes not only give rise to varying temperatures but those same notes have a warming effect later. The Heliotrope and Iris truly do bring about this cool yet melancholy sensation..very introspective. The honey warms the concoction extremely well. The almond adds to the sweetness but also gives an airiness to the fragrance. Magical yet realistic. Strange but inviting. Complex yet comprehensible. Cozy.

Give this a try because every interpretation is unique and requires one's own experiences. Again to me this is not something I would wear often. It can be worn in any season, so extremely versatile. To me it is the perfect compliment to a cool spring day or any moment in the winter. I wear this for myself, and could care less if others notice. (note: no one will notice because projection and longevity are not good at all..at least on my skin and clothes..even with lotion)!

As an art piece: 10/10
As a fragrance for mundane use: 5/10


  1. A lovely representation of L'eau d' Hiver. One of my favourite of the Frederick Malle creations.

    1. Thank you! It is a gorgeous creation. I wish more artistic scents were made for everyday use!