Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fragrance Review: Terre D'Hermes (EDT) Review

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Refreshing. Uplifting. Rugged. Free Spirited. Energizing. The descriptive list goes on reaching the very depths this very land we live on does. From that sparkling blast of citrus to the trembling, ground shattering earthiness that overwhelms the initial zest, this fragrance does what niche fragrances are known to do: Evolve and intrigue.  Let me rephrase..Terre D'Hermes does exactly what M. Ellena is known to do with his fragrances: Evolve and Intrigue. Ellena is known for his transparent style - literally "see through" fragrances. Give my man a dirty old window and he'll shoot pellets of art right through it in a pattern that's apparent...but when looking through the holes, an entirely new world unfolds right there in front of you. 

Opening: Again, a display of citrus laden fireworks composed of oranges and when fireworks come to an end in the sky, they leave a nice sparkly trail of ...well...sparks - as the light diminishes. The pink pepper in Terre D'Hermes is just that...the sparkle that lights up this zesty display! Such an energizing beginning! Think opening a bottle of orangeade bubbly on New Years Eve with grapefruit scented sparklers going off all around...that's TdH.
Mid-Dry Down:  Like tectonic plates during earthquakes, the entire fragrance begins to shift. The initial rattling of an opening is followed by an aftermath of pure ruggedness. From the Middle to Dry Down...the citrus blend mellows out...the pepper begins to soften....the cedar and vetiver combination ground this fragrance like roots..while a light cloud formed by the wet dirt and dry sand falls slowly onto this  barren yet refreshing land.

Projection/Sillage/Longevity: This stuff projects very well! I remember spraying one shot to my neck...4 hours later I walked into a Starbucks...soon as I approached the clerk the first thing she says is "ooh you smell damn good!' It definitely projects throughout it's entire evolution. It lasts 12+ hours on my clothing and about 9 hours on skin. Very impressive quality.

Versatility: Extremely versatile! Perfect for all occasions and all seasons. One of the most versatile fragrances I have encountered! It does an amazing job of maintaining an earthy warmth during the cold...during the heat, the citruses act as an energizing blend!
Compliments: Too many to count.
Overall: 8.5/10.  This is a marvelous creation. Jean Claude Ellena done did it with this one yo. His style is evident, yet he takes it to another level...he has managed to mix a note so simple (citrus) with a base that is literally natural - Earth! I mean, who thinks of this shit? If you answer "many"..then fine..but who actually gets it done? Look at JCE's other creations...the man uses Heliotrope and Honey to mimic another one of Mother Nature's children..WINTER in L'eau D'Hiver for EDP Frederic Malle. I mean though a hommage to Apres L'Ondee (which is gorgeous by the way, I was able to sample this stuff at MiN and wow the striking resemblance to L'eau D'Hiver)...JCE is a man who speaks complex words with simple hand gestures and miracles occur. TdH is no exception to the rule. Cop a sample of this shit ASAP.


  1. "He done did it with this one yo" had to laugh out loud at that :)
    I find it hard to wear perfume while on rotations though because I'm always worried a pt or preceptor will say something.
    Good luck on your career!

    1. Haha thanks for stopping by! Yeah I go very light on the trigger, and only on services where I am not too intimate with patients like radiology or path. I Checked out your blog and it is awesome! Will definitely stop by there on the regular. Loved the Ron Swanson pic! Goodluck to you as well

  2. It's actually not my blog, I was just looking at it at the same time as this... when I was asked a dumb question by the blog info thing I copied the link to the last pic that got a belly laugh from me. I'm getting a PharmD right now and many of the med school tribulations apply.