Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fragrance Review: Musc Ravageur by Maurice Roucel for Editions de Parums Frederic Malle

DON'T PANIC! This IS NOT a Polo Black is a review for Musc Ravageur! So you might ask then,  what is the guy from the Polo Black ads doing in a Musc Ravageur review? Well...what I like to do (and I will do this for women's fragrances when I start reviewing them) is to put a picture of the type of person that, to me, the fragrance represents. I may even put pictures of scenes or moments that a fragrance reminds me of. When I see Nacho Figeuroa (the man in the photo - a polo or rugby player from Spain I think), I think of Musc Ravageur. This guy fits the bill, no lie.

Musc Ravageur, though complex in every way possible in evolution, can be described very simply: "Sexual Tension in a Bottle."  'Nuff Said.

This stuff is sexy as all hell. Imagine the sexual frustration of a 14 year old boy in his first Rated R movie which just so happens to be...I don't know...Eyes Wide Shut. Apply that to an adult who is refined and cautious with the ability to let his or her self-control go...put those traits in a bottle...and you have this raunchy yet exalted scent created by the legend himself, M. Roucel.

Now, the only caveat here is the opening which I will get to later.

Major Notes: Again, I won't write all the notes, and I will focus on what dominates and what I get. So...Cinnamon, Cloves, Bergamot (VERY fleeting though), vanilla, guiaic wood, musk, sandalwood.

Opening: I don't get much lavender, I do get the bergamot but it is very fleeting. I used to wear Dolce & Gabbana pour home and if there is a fragrance that will make certain your nose knows what bergamot is, its D&G PH. So I get the bergamot. Imagine taking a boat load of cinnamon, half the amount of cloves (you have to know what cloves smell is abundant in indian curries and marinades so I know this stuff far too well).. flood all that with vanilla, and sprinkle some musk powder all around it, and that's what you get. A cinnamon/musk that really reminds many of "old men." That's what my sister calls it. She hates the opening. I love it. You just have to try it out to experience it - no other way around it. Hit or Miss.

Mid-Dry: we go. the middle notes basically make the entire concoction sweeter. Fine. Then comes the dry down. God have mercy y'all. In Eyes Wide guys want to know what Stanley Kubrick sprayed in that orgy room to get everyone going? He doused the room in Musc Ravageur 7 hours before everyone arrived. Once they smelled the dry down...all hell broke loose. The end of this fragrance is a milky..extra CREAMY extra FROTHY vanilla-bean, with cinnamon drizzled on top, musc  lurking in the background trying to make its way up but having a hard time...and a touch of spice. A dry-down that makes every morning-after worthwile, and the walk of shame thereafter, shameless.

Projection/Sillage/Longevity: From the opening to mid notes..this stuff projects for sure. After about 4 hours, it becomes a skin scent - and I think that was the intention behind this fragrance - meant for intimate moments (to ravage the mind and security of the one to be intimate with) and to free the wearer (to ravage one's own sense of innocence). Sillage...when it does leave a projecting scent trail, it is magnificent. Pure bliss I must say. Yet, it rarely does so (for me) and for those who wear it and walk by me. (My friends and family always..i mean ALWAYS use my fragrances so I have a good idea of the sillage and projection of most fragrances). Longevity...this is phenomenal. This stuff lasts for days..on my skin it lasts 9+ hours which is godsend because my skin sucks. On clothing, it will last until you wash it..and then some.

Versatility: Eh..not the best.  It is a nice scent and you can use it whenever you want...much better for cooler weather as it definitely gives a chilling sweetness to the colder air versus warmer days. In my opinion, it just works better in the evening and cooler days...for laymen, go ahead and use as you please..doubt you'll kill anyone AS LONG AS YOU GO VERY LIGHT...because in the is just a nice smell.

Compliments: I have worn this a lot...MANY TIMES....I have gotten compliments..BUT not many and hose received were in the juice's initial projection this is attestation to the fact that people do enjoy the opening...but as far as the one has had the pleasure of smelling that phase on me so I don't know. All I know is, if that drydown projected, the world would notice. For a fragrance deemed the "holy grail" at times, you'd think more compliments, right? No..not really! Interesting....

Overall: 8/10.  Very nice scent, extremely complex, and changes each time you wear it. Problem is, it is VERY close to the skin for those of you who enjoy fragrances that need to be noticed. This is intended to be a skin scent, and quite honestly, I've tried every Frederic Malle, and though unisex, only a few (and to me those few are ALL feminine ie Noir Epices, Lipstick Rose, etc) are projection and sillage giants.

I hate using the word Panty Dropper...because honestly, it is one's charisma and wit that truly captivates the object of seduction...a fragrance only amplifies this suave aura. Gun to my head and crotch...if I had to use this vile term to describe one would be Musc F'n doubt.

It is  potent, but only initially. However, should some lucky soul happen to stumble into your arms during the dry-down phase of this scent...then consider your body the pole and he or she Flick's tongue in that memorable scene from A Christmas Story.

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