Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fragrance Review: My Most Complimented Scents

Compliment factor….the top reason for fragrance blind buys, in my opinion. Consider “the number of compliments” the icing on the cake for one who will soon venture out to cop a fragrance Ray Charles style. So it is only right that I share fragrances that have garnered the most compliments. Now, how did I decide on these fragrances, you ask? Like this:
1.        Fragrances in my personal collection that have given me an outlandish number of compliments,
2.       Fragrances in my personal collection that have given me compliments as soon as began wearing it, whether or not the number was high…but a fragrance that captivated an audience on the first or second day of wearing.
3.       Samples that I have given a few wearings but still managed to elicit compliments
Now, as far as putting these scents in any order..ehh…I could sit and ponder, but I have a life. So I will not be putting these scents in any particular order, just the names of the ones I know have done very well. These are compliments from ladies and men, of all sizes, shapes, and ages. While I write this, if one does stand out as “the one” that got more compliments than Armani sold bottles of Acqua Di Gio, then I will be sure to mention. On with the list:

1.       Terre D’Hermes
In case you haven’t noticed by now, this shit tends to make almost every list. The only list this would never make is a “Do Not Try” list. This is an incredible scent when it comes to compliments because it is a familiar note (citrus-fresh) but done in a unique manner. What do others smell? They smell a sparkly, bittersweet, earthy, orange zest. What does it for the “laymen” that acts as the foundation for his or her compliment? The Sparkly-Bittersweet, part. The earthiness is something for us fumeheads to appreciate, but others get this gorgeous, mineral-like, orange zest that got me compliments like “Damn you smell good!” as soon as I walked up to the counter at a Starbucks or “Holy shit you smell gooooood!”

2.       Canali For Men EDT
“I love your cologne!”  “What is the name of your cologne and where do I buy this?” are some of the things said to me when I wear this bad boy. A fruity, leather, Italian scent that is masculine, refined, and classy in every way, Canali for Men is a compliment bomb! The only time you won’t get any remarks is about 4-5 hours into the scent life….why? Because the scent is virtually non-existent courtesy of its terrible longevity. However, the scent is rather cheap, so keep reapplying…you won’t be sorry!

3.       Ambre Narguile by Hermes
“In case you’re wondering why I am walking behind you, it’s because I am getting whiffs of your cologne and it smells fucking awesome!”   “Omg this is seductive!” Ambre Narguile is a magic carpet ride of spices, amber, apples, and cinnamon. It holds a transparent feel which prevents it from becoming to cloying (if sprayed right, of course). It dries down to a sweet, cinnamon, vanilla amber and it is just luxurious! I just wished my housemate was able to smell the end stages of this! I never stop receiving compliments when I wear Ambre Narguile. In fact, this is one of those fragrances that immediately caught attention on the first day I ever wore this from a sample!

4.       Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme
This is “The One,” no pun intended. Seriously, this is my most complimented fragrance…but I know why the number is so high. It’s high because I have worn this for SO many years…the longest of any signature scent I have ever had. Once I found out they reformulated this bad boy, I stopped wearing it. But everyone from my high school senior days to college would just go ape shit over this. It’s a sexy, masculine, fragrance with one of the smoothest and most incredible drydowns I have ever experienced. Now, all this praise is for the original formulation (with the silver/blue sticker)… The new formula, on the other hand, sucks.

5.       Happy For Men by Clinique
Light, sweet, oranges..enough said. Who wouldn’t like this? It’s not groundbreaking or earth shattering…but it’s a damn good smell! I would love to be in a room that smells like this. Thus, those who have smelled this on me have responded in the same fashion…they love it! It is light, refreshing, and honestly…it is a happy scent! It reminds of me nice, summer days, when you just feel your best. I have received a ton of compliments wearing this.

6.       Allure Pour Homme by Chanel
Do I even have to say anything about this? I remember, I even got compliments when I rubbed one of those magazine/newspaper samples on my arms.

7.       Angel Men by Thierry Mugler
See above review.

8.       Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior
A classy, sexy, dark, refined, chocolate and iris scent, flanker to the original Dior Homme, and compliment getter for sure! I wear this in the evenings, during formals, events, things like that, and goddamn does it do well. Keep this for special occasions, and you will wow those around you, in addition to smelling very unique.

9.       L’instant De Guerlain Pour Homme Extreme by Guerlain
I can go on about this. Here’s my latest compliment:  I walked passed a girl walking with a guy, and I heard her say “Holy shit that dude smells good.”  And The dude that was with her says “You smelled that too? Damn that was good.”  I think after D&G Pour Homme, L’instant is right after it in the most compliments I have ever received.

10.   Mandorlo Di Sicilia by Acqua Di Parma
I have to mention this. It has not gotten a TON of compliments, because I do not wear it as often as I would like to. But the reason I will mention it is because it received a compliment from someone who absolutely hates fragrances. This is someone who sneezes and leaves the room when people put colognes and perfumes on. This person is my sister. I once put on Mondorlo Di Sicilia on really quickly before heading out, and she stopped and said "Hmm..okay..that smells good.”  I figured she definitely wasn’t talking about the fragrance since she hates them, so I thought maybe my mother was baking some cake or something. She said “No you idiot, your cologne. THAT stuff is good!”  I have worn it very little since then, but to me, if my sister likes what you’re wearing, it has to be pretty damned good. Overall, I love this scent and since this is sort of like my “honorable mention” I think I will be wearing this today. It is an airy, powdery, almond scent. I think I do not wear it that often because there’s something missing from it…the almond becomes a little too cloying later on, and it is very thick. I wish something else was put in it to balance it out. Overall a good scent and I can see it doing well with compliments.

11.   Reflection Man by Amouage
Working straight from a sample, I applied this on night outs. Holy shit. I mean, compliments through the roof from friends I went out with to random people sitting next to me at a dessert spot to the lounge that we ended the night in. The sillage on Reflection is phenomenal and a head turner for sure.

12.   Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani
Now we head into “played out” territory….scents that are very, very, good, but are notorious for being ubiquitous. Acqua Di Gio is definitely the first of its kind. But if you don’t care about wearing something most people own (and you shouldn’t), then this baby is awesome. This is to aquatic/marine scents, what Shalimar is to orientals. I mean it is just so light, refreshing, and unbelievably long lasting! When everyone else in high school was wearing Curve or Boss Bottled, I would wear this and damn did this kill. I still have it and wear it on occasion and it seems as if people still do not recognize it..and it does some serious damage! I think the once “played out” scents need to make a come back!

13.   One Million by Paco Rabanne
Another awesome scent that everyone and their dad and their Persian cab driver has. One Million is a serious compliment getter for two reasons: 1. It smells so damn nice  and 2. It projects like a monster! One spray and people feet from you will get whiffs of this. This is an epic clubbing scent in my opinion and I have received a ton of compliments wearing this from the subway on my way to a party or at one. I accidentally sprayed this stuff on my gf’s sleeves and I could smell it on her  while she was on the other side of a pharmacy aisle. It definitely smells good and even I would compliment someone wearing this! Only caveat…a lot of people have it…if that poses to be a problem for you.

14.   Original Santal by Creed
Sandalwood is a hit or miss for most people. Some like it, some don’t. Period. But Original Santal does it ever so lightly with a very airy cinnamon thrown in there with that signature Creed “freshiness” to it. Original Santal blossoms on my skin and really gives off a masculine, woody, refreshing scent. One person told me that I smell like the most sexiest, masculine, man on earth! Now if that don’t make you feel good, I don’t know what does! The one CREED that got me the most compliments.

15.   Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir by Bvlgari
This one is unique. This is an amber that mingles with Bvlgari’s signature tea note…and it is done very well. I find this very youthful too, as in a college or late high schooler can pull this off. I wore it in medical school and it did very well with compliments. My only issue was the longevity, as with every Bvlgari fragrances (except for Notte) on my skin.

16.   L de Lolita by Lolita Lempicka
But wait! This is a women’s fragrance! What gives? is MARKETED as a scent for women…but this is most definitely a unisex scent. Had this been a niche fragrance glorified all over the net with the name MAURICE ROUCEL…this would lead to blind buys galore. Men..put aside your machismo and try this stuff. Get a sample off ebay or something because that is what I did when I read Chandler Burr’s review on this while trying to see what his take on Au Masculin was. This was the only Lolita he reviewed and he states he wears this, I think. Not that I rely on this kind of stuff but I read the notes and thought..”wow ..this is simple” Then I found out Maurice Roucel was the nose, and figured okay, this can’t be THAT bad. I was blown away. So blown that I bought a bottle of it. I love it. When people smell it on me, not ONE remark about how it is “feminine” or “girly” comes out. Guys ask me what I am wearing because that cinnamon, vanilla, citrus drydown with a tad bit of saltiness comes alive on my skin and enchants the living shit out of everyone around me – yes even masculine guys are enchanted by a scent worn by another man. This is an AWESOME fragrance. Let me repeat…had this been a Frederic Malle or something…this would be on every nose’s radar..or nostril hair or whatever it is. Not to say Lolita Lempicka isn’t worthy of such praise, but being that it is designer and comes in a rather glamorous bottle with the feminine appeal, this goes unnoticed. Try this won’t be disappointed. (Oh, and when I explain to people that it is a woman’s fragrance..the response is generally..”Really??”) I worked from a small Eau De Parfum sample and everyday I wore this I got compliments. I will review this in the future.

17.   Cereus No. 14
Last but not least, Cereus No. 14. Since I got a decant of this, the compliments would not stop. This is a masculine, classy, boozy, rich, but smooth fragrance. From top to drydown, this thing is a beauty. Sillage, longevity...NO problems...all way above average on my skin. What does it smell like? Imagine a rich, boozy, dark pineapple/orange vibe, vaporized into a powder. It begins very very powdery, but dries down to an extremely rich, smooth, elegant scent. This is my favorite from the line and I have to say, one of the best scents I have smelled. When you smell're going to get the feeling that this has been done before..and it, Canali for Man Prestige,  Idole De Lubin....but this is the exclusive, perfectly tailored, sleek Canali suit....Canali redefined. Cereus is the Idole De Lubin with the booziness lowered a little (but still present) but extremely refined. Try this, you won't regret it! Oh and a GREAT signature!!

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